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ForestCoin: how your community can make a difference

Housing the Homeless Farms How we treat the homeless is completely unacceptable and can be fixed using sustainable applications and resources, and the benefits could transform the Health standards in the United States by eliminating the need for GMO practices. Simply put, there is real value to our coins, in the people we protect, and in the sustainable energy applications that we have simultaneously designed to help society. These applications, provide water so that we will always be able to protect the forests that we acquire with constant water, and provide the Organic Food Network with water for its crops to feed the homeless. While simultaneously providing water and power to the surrounding communities. This water application helps make sure that our crops and forests survive, for if they survive, we survive. Organic Food Network Housing for the Homeless Farms. Land will be acquired around every major city throughout the United States creating an organic food network, that the homeless will maintain through out the United States. If the person works, they will be provided shelter, water, shower, power for phones, the ability to communicate with loved ones, a bed, and food throughout thier organic food network perticipation.