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ForestCoin: 12 ways to make a difference

THE VALUE OF FOREST COIN "You know all of the National Parks and Forests that our current administration is doing away with? Well, we are the crypto currency that is going to save our forests. So if you think that our National Parks and Forests are are important? Then invest in ForestCoin. Imagine a crypto currency that is dedicated to save the forests of our planet?

Energy Production

Introducing the first Token to transform a Watt of Energy into a digital asset tradable on the block chain. ForestCoin provides a shared ownership in our energy producing platform. These assets include biomass, solar and wind farms that are then tied into advanced and proprietary hydrogen power systems. The unique part about our sustainable energy platform is that it produces the cleanest water on the planet, which is important if you are going to takeover and maintain forests. However, this technology allows for us to be a water and power company while simultaneously, saving the Forests throughout the world using ForestCoin. Through this process we generate raw capital, which gives our ForestCoin Tokens even more power on the digital currency market. This is the Crypto Currency that will save our Forests while fueling a cleaner water and power solution for the world our 12 steps towards value and a cleaner planet! What gives our digital currency ForestCoin value?

1. National Park - Rescue Program 2. US Forest - Rescue Program 3. Carbon Credit 4. Land and Mineral Acquisition 5. Wind Farms - Energy Production 6. Solar Arrays - Sustainable Angels 7. Water Production from Air to Water 8. Forest Fire Prevention Program 9. Massive Bee re colonization project 10. Water & Power 11. Land for the Homeless for our Organic Food Network 12. Organic Food Network - Housing the Homeless Farms Simply put, there is real value to our coins, in the people and property that we protect, and in the sustainable energy applications that have simultaneously come together designed near our forests. These applications, provide water so that we will always be able to protect the forests that we acquire with constant water, while simultaneously providing water and power to the surrounding communities. This water application helps make sure that our forests survive, for if they survive, we survive.